Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have we lost our understnading of happiness?

I mean think about it...
Most of us get up everyday striving for happiness
Work our whole lives trying to get there
If I could only get out of my parent's house I'd be happy
If I get into my choice college I'll be happy
I'll be happy when I get my dream career
dream car
dream love
We dream of happiness all the time
It's most people's goal in life
to get something or somewhere
Where was it that we took a wrong turn?
When did happiness turn into a destination?
The truth is...
Happiness isn't a destination
Yes...maybe getting our wishes granted will make us happy
But reality is
Happiness is a mood
A feeling
And yes, I have learned this year more than ever
That it's ok to not always be happy
It's ok to be sad
To be angry
But achieving a goal isn't what happiness is about
Happiness is like any other mood
It's ok if it comes and goes
But treating it as a destination isn't a way to live
Because it's not
So quit searching for the road to happiness
Quit looking at your wishes, dreams, and goals
As the only time you can be happy as a reward
Choose to be happy
Be happy for life
Be happy for love
Be happy for the struggles
Learn for the pain of loss
And don't let other emotions make you feel that happiness is a place we get to
Because it's up to you
Control your life
Choose to be happy
And never forget that you can be happy whenever you want to be
Stop waiting to arrive at Happiness Boulevard
And love life to the fullest.

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