Monday, January 28, 2013


He's the man I trust with all my heart,
The one that I'll love forevermore.
He's the man I am always thinking of,
The one I've been searching for.

He's the man that keeps my head above water,
The one I can always count on day or night.
He's the man I call to make me smile,
The one I always dream about holding me tight.

He's the man that allowed me to fall in love again,
The one that I took a chance on.
He's the man I can always talk to,
The one that I count upon.

He's the man that means everything to me.
The one I always want to be with,
He's the man I want to feel next to me in bed,
The one I'm not afraid to love and say it's not a myth.

He's the man that knows all my flaws and still loves me anyway,
The one that inspires me to be happy no matter what.
He's the man that knows me inside and out,
The one that I gave my heart and soul to and went with my gut.

He's the man that has shown me the love I've been waiting to feel,
The one I want to spend the rest of my life getting to know.
He's the man that makes me feel like a princess,
The one that is not just a guy putting on a show.

He's the man that has been by my side since day one.
The one I daydream about,
He's the man that found me that November night.
The one that gave me reason to love again without doubt.

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